Nahla wa Nahil – The Award-Winning Arabic
Blended Learning Solution for K-9 Students

Trusted by Leading Institutions and Endorsed by the Ministry of Education

Here's a descriptive video showing how teachers and educators would benefit from Nahla wa Nahil Platform features, along with some facts and figures.

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The Only Arabic E-Learning Platform that Empowers Educators

1000 books, 100 educational games, 160 subject areas and countless story narrations, videos, word games, exercises, voice over quizzes and so much more!
Presents a chance for each child to learn at their unique cognitive pace with adaptive learning techniques
Equipped with inbuilt rewarding mechanisms to ensure encouragement and motivation among children
Proven outcomes in improving a child’s Arabic language and reading skills
Includes content filtering options to keep control over the content children can access
Offers robust vocabulary and pronunciation support
Measures each student’s progress providing detailed reports and analytics
Allows creation of online assessments, assignments and competitions for students
Holistic technical support and live chat available