The Arab Children and Young Adult Literature Initiative

The Arab Children and Young Adult Literature Initiative was launched by a group of children’s books authors, professional writers and illustrators and aims at disseminating information about specialists in this field to keep pace with the development of children’s literature in the Arab world through the creative work of expert writers. 

Mubadara Initiative Goals: 

1- To expand knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of children’s books as one of the crucial sources. To prepare a generation that is open to other cultures and are proud of their culture and heritage; at the same time. 

2- Emphasizing the importance of children's literature as an educational resource in schools with the aim of building continuous learning skills and developing the Arab knowledge society.

3- Celebrating the publications of Arab children's books authors.

4- Acknowledging the creative work of Arab children's books illustrators. 

5- Celebrating the achievements of Arab publishers who specialize in publishing children’s literature. 

6- Highlighting the role of public, private and school libraries in spreading the culture of reading in the Arabic language.

7- Providing educational materials that adopt the scientific educational research methodology to develop their learning and to read in Arabic language classes.

8- Spreading knowledge about the importance of classified books and adopting indicators that help to determine the quality and level of legibility of child's book.

Mubadara/ The initiative activities:

1- Created a page for social communication to announce latest news of Arab children's literature writers and illustrators, and the achievements of Arab publishing houses:

2- Establishing partnerships with groups of Arab publishing houses who have adopted our initiative indicators to determine the difficulty of the legibility of children’s books. 

For contact: 

Dr. Eva Kozma

Reading expert, children author

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