What is Nahla wa Nahil?

Nahla wa Nahil is a scientifically designed e literacy platform to improve outcomes and promote excellence in Arabic learning for K-9 students.

Leveraging digital transformation; Nahla wa Nahil ensures a customized learning experience for each child based on their unique learning abilities, while making the process fun and interactive.

Nahla wa Nahil: An Arabic Blended Learning Platform
with Great Features to Learn Arabic

The Future Belongs to the Curious

Enjoy unlimited access to a vast collection of Arabic books, audios, educational games, quizzes, in partnership with leading Publishers.

As your children interact with Nahla wa Nahil, read, comprehend and learn Arabic, they can keep a track of their self-development and add reflections, increasing their brain power, and even enhancing empathic skills.

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Positive Reinforcement Encourages Children to Achieve More and Do Better

Nahla wa Nahil is equipped with inbuilt rewarding mechanisms to enhance encouragement and motivation among children.

It displays proven outcomes in improving a child’s Arabic language and reading skills by offering vocabulary and pronunciation support.

Reading Increases Vocabulary and Memory and Reduces Stress

The program’s e-learning curriculum is put together by Arabic language specialists, Teachers & Developers to enhance each child’s reading, knowledge and cognitive skillset..

The platform not only sparks motivation, knowledge power and language mastery, but also fosters critical thinking.

A Teacher-Student Relationship Needs Development Too

Educators can create online assessments, assignments and competitions for students.

They can manage classes online, plan lessons, measure each individual's progress and create detailed student- and class-wide reports based on insightful dashboards and analytics.

The Eyes of A Child See Not 7 but 7 Million Wonders of the World

The platform doesn't just tickle children’s curiosity in Arabic learning but also keeps them engaged. Lessons are leveled based on grade, age and individual differences, in addition to Arabic grammar skills, ensuring that children always pick up the right resources for their learning stage..

The content on the Nahla wa Nahil platform is classified according to “Arabi21” and “Mubadara” standards.

"Arabi 21” is driven by the mission to inspire children to think and communicate sharply in the Arabic language. The idea is to preserve the essence of the native language and ensure that its thorough knowledge benefits the lives of the young minds. The main objective of Arabi 21 is to contribute to the modernized methods of learning and teaching the Arabic language.

“Mubadara” The Arab Children and Adolescents Literature Initiative, was launched by a group of children’s literature writers, illustrators, and reading experts. It seeks to disseminate information about specialists in this field and keep pace with the development that children’s literature is witnessing in our Arab world through their work and creativity.

Teachers - Educators

Choose the power to create the world of tomorrow! Equip your students to learn Arabic with the most efficient and effective learning tool.

Nahla wa Nahil App to Help Children Read and Write Arabic

Nahla wa Nahil App to Help Children Read and Write Arabic

Parents - Caregivers

Contribute to your child’s academic progress in Arabic. Watch them learn better and emerge brighter at their unique cognitive pace.

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Our decision to provide nationwide access to Nahla wa Nahil™ is an outcome of the rapid digital transformation that the education sector is undergoing. It is our objective to better prepare students for the 4th industrial revolution. With this strategic partnership, we are looking to embark upon the next generation of learning to help our students unleash their full potential and achieve greater excellence in Arabic literacy.

Dr. Hamad Alyahyaei

Assistant Undersecretary for Curriculum and Assessment Sector
Ministry of Education, UAE
I am excited by this new partnership. It seems auspicious and an honour to be entering into such an exciting venture in our centenary year with Nahla wa Nahil. Scholastic has been printing books in Arabic for many, many years bringing some of our much-loved characters like Ms Frizzle from the Magic School Bus to young readers throughout the Gulf. Seeing some of our titles come alive on Nahla wa Nahil, is immense. Children are going to thrilled to read books on this platform in a fun, interactive and easy way.

Amanda Clarke

Director of Sales, MEA

لقد كان برنامج «نهلة وناهل» من أكثر البرامج تشويقًا لطلابي وتحفيزًا لهم على القراءة، والمنافسة على التفوق في قراءة القصص وفهمها، من خلال الأنشطة المرفقة مع القصة من أسئلة أو ترتيب صور، خاصة للأطفال الصغار، وقد ساعدني ذلك في تدريس المنهج؛ فقد قمت بربطه بالمنهج الدراسي وكنت أطلب منهم في الواجبات الأسبوعية قراءة قصة من قصص «نهلة وناهل» تكون لها علاقة بالدرس، مما يزيدهم فهمًا ويثري معلوماتهم ويجعلهم في تشوُّق لمعرفة المزيد. وكم كنتُ ألاحظ سعادة الطلاب حينما أعرض لهم كم وصلت نسبة تحصيلهم في «نهلة وناهل»، وخاصة من كانت نسبته أعلى، فكان يفرح فرحًا شديدًا وخاصة حينما أكافئه، وفي نفس الوقت يتحفز الطلاب الآخرون على القراءة والدخول في المنافسة. فشكرًا لفريق «نهلة وناهل» على الجهد المبذول.

Basma Mohamed Ibrahim

Gems Westminster School, Dubai

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