The Story

It started with some very simple, personal motivation. Looking at our own children and trying to motivate them to do their Arabic reading, keep their motivation and engagement high, and their learning and retention strong.

This was often not easy. It can often become a chore or seem like a punishment to children and their parents.

The somewhat personal motivation then extended to our even younger children, not yet of school age.

They, and we, were going to face the same challenges and roadblocks.

Why did it have to be this way? Learning should be fun and engaging.

Around the world, there are myriad efforts to achieve this because children are more engaged, learn more, and retain more when they are enjoying the process.

So, rather than complaining and musing about it, we took active steps to improve the situation.

Filling the void of a digital, Arabic reading system was one part of the equation.

Making sure it was a world-class product was the other.
Teachers, Arabic language specialists, librarians, and developers employing global ‘best-practice’ in children’s education were brought together to help fulfil our vision.

This acclaimed approach:

Sparks motivation and language mastery

Empowers teachers to monitor student comprehension and tailor instruction with formative assessments and dashboards.

Motivates students with Knowledge Power: as students earn, they can customize their own character and unlock access to videos and games.

Fosters critical thinking with video lessons, word-level audio tracking, comprehension quizzes, and vocabulary games for every leveled book.

The result is

The response from educators has been tremendous, because the results with students have been fantastic.

We are thrilled that our school-age children have Nahla wa Nahil to advance their learning, and very content that our younger ones will have this from the beginning.

We hope that you will have a look at Nahla wa Nahil for your students and children as well.