Combine the knowledge of Arabic teachers, with a game-based approach, and challenge students to improve their levels of knowledge, cognitive skills and memory. This is the foundation of

With more than 1,000 leveled Arabic books from the Middle East’s leading educational publishers, plus thousands of corresponding video lessons and resources that support instruction, foster engagement and critical thinking, has become the leading Arabic language reading and comprehension resource for grades K-6.

"Increased engagement = better learning among children"

Fun can be put back in the learning equation for kids thanks to educational, professionally designed gamification to entertain while educating or improving skills and productivity. Propelled from one level to the next, students quickly master independent reading and deep comprehension of high-quality text. This unique platform also makes it easy to monitor reading, comprehension, and progress at all levels with built in word games, exercises; tracking tools, statistics, dashboards, and detailed reports.

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